9 Reasons You Should Work with Job Recruiters

9 Reasons You Should Work with Job Recruiters

Are you on the hunt for a job?

Maybe you’re fresh off college and looking to enter the job market for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro looking for a new challenge. Or you just lost your job and need to find another one quick.

Regardless of your circumstances, one thing is certain: hunting for a job is not a fun activity – at least for most job seekers. Good jobs are getting harder to come by and scouring job boards to find an exciting opportunity can be frustrating.

The good news? Job recruiters take most of the trouble out of job hunting.

Keep reading to learn why you should absolutely work with job recruiters.

1. Get Access to More Job Opportunities

It’s an open secret in most industries that some employers don’t advertise open positions on public job boards.

Instead, they outsource that task of filling certain positions to recruitment agencies. Unless you have insider information, which is unlikely, you won’t even know those positions ever existed.

As such, one of the top reasons to use a job recruiter is to gain access to more job opportunities. You won’t have to rely on online job boards and public advertisements to know which companies are hiring and for what positions.  

With more opportunities at your disposal, you stand a strong chance of finding your ideal job.

2. Save Time

Looking for a job is a time-consuming activity.

You have to spend hours writing or sprucing up your resume and cover letter, and even more hours browsing through online job boards looking for openings that might interest you.

Depending on your career, it might take several days, weeks or even months before an opening crops up. So you have to keep refreshing the job boards and monitoring your email for job alerts.

And once you’ve submitted your applications, you have to wait for feedback from your potential employers. While some reply in a matter of days, others take their sweet time.

A job recruiter saves you time. Because they have a database of open positions, all they need to do is match your qualifications or suitability to the available jobs. This takes far less time than when you’re doing it on your own.

3. You Have Specialized Skills

Specialized skills call for a specialty career (a career that focuses on a particular subfield within a broader discipline). Think jobs like nuclear technologist, forensic psychologist, and nanotechnology engineer.

Whatever you make of these jobs, we can all agree they aren’t very common.

When you have specialized skills, you need a specialized approach when it comes to finding a job. There’s no point scouring through job boards like other job seekers when there’s little chance a vacancy will be listed there.

In most cases, companies with specialized positions source for candidates directly from training institutions or rely on the expertise of recruiting firms.

If you were not placed in a job by your college or university’s placement services, your best option is to work with a job recruiter.

4. Find a Job in Your Dream/Preferred Company

Considering that job seekers consider a company’s reputation and organizational culture before taking up a job, it’s fair to assume you already have a dream employer in mind.

However, unless you’re lucky, you’re unlikely to get a job in your dream company – at least not in your first try. But with a job recruiter on your side, it’s doable.

You see, the goal of a job recruiter is not just to get you hired. They also want to help you find job satisfaction, and one way to do this is to try and place candidates in their preferred positions.

So when you submit your resume to a recruiter, you’ll also indicate the companies you’d love to work for. With this information, the recruiter will submit your documents to your ideal employers, as long as they have active openings and you meet their qualification requirements.

5. Get Professional Help

Did you know hunting for a job is in itself a skill?

Look. You have to write a resume and a cover letter, ensuring it adheres to modern guidelines and meets acceptable standards. But if you’ve not mastered the art (or science) of writing these documents, do you think you’ll get it right the first or second time?

Then there’s the little matter of job interviews. From dressing right to knowing how to conduct yourself during the interview, you could easily make mistakes that can harm your chances of getting the job.

This is why resume writing and interview coaching services exist. But they cost money.

Lucky for you, when working with a job recruiter you gain free access to these services. Job recruiters get paid when they help their clients fill open positions, so it’s in their best interest to help job seekers become compelling candidates.

This means you can count on your job recruiter to help you polish up your resume and prepare you adequately for interviews.

6. Keep Your Job Search Discreet

On average, a person will hold 12 jobs over the course of a lifetime.

If you’re not on your 12th job yet, chances are you’re planning to hop to another job. But as you probably already know, nothing will irk your current employer than finding out you’re looking to jump ship.

Not only that, you risk getting fired, the legality of the matter notwithstanding.

When an employer figures you’re looking for another job, they could consider you a bad influence on the rest of the team. And they can take steps, such as assigning you more tasks, to set you up for failure and put you on the firing line.

With that in mind, it’s wise to keep your job search discreet. The best way to do this is to sign up with a recruitment agency, as opposed to, say, posting your intentions on LinkedIn, which is a public platform.

7. Avoid Overexposure

This point might look similar to the one described above, but there’s another angle to it.

When hiring, most employers prefer “exclusive candidates.” An exclusive candidate is one who isn’t accessible to multiple employers. It’s more like how elite law firms poach top talent from elite law schools.

The question is: how do you make yourself an exclusive candidate?

The solution is avoiding overexposure, which happens when you post your resume on several job sites to enhance your chances of catching the eyes of a potential employer.

Want to avoid overexposure? Work with a job recruiter.

You can rest assured knowing your resume and other personal details are in a private database, and you’ll be notified when it’s forwarded to a potential employer.

Also, overexposure increases your risk of falling prey to job scammers. When your resume is publicly viewable, scammers can use your details to email you fake jobs and lure you into giving them personal details such as your social security number.

With a legitimate job recruiter, you won’t have to worry about being a victim of a job scam.

8. Beat Job Search Anxiety

When will I get a job?

Will I get a good job?

Will my employer be nice to me?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re certainly starting to get anxious about your job search. While you’re not alone in this, your fear of the unknown is enough to get you worried and restless.

A job recruiter can take some anxiety out of your job search. 

Especially when working with a recruiter with high job placement rates, you’ll be confident of finding your ideal job sooner than later. Plus, the coaching services provided by recruiters will help you learn to cope with job interview anxiety.

9. It’s Free, Yay!

The best things in life are free, and so are job recruiters.

Well, some recruiters will charge you a small fee to sign up, but don’t fall for them. The best recruiters in the business are free, and that’s because they get paid by firms to help them get the best talent. Others will take a percentage off your salary for a certain amount of time, meaning if they don’t get you a job, they won’t make money.

Job Recruiters Offer the Best Route to Your Dream Job

Let’s face it: although employment rates are down, getting a job quickly and conveniently still remains a tall challenge for millions of job seekers.

If you’re in this situation, it’s high time you worked with job recruiters. From shortening the duration of your job hunt to offering you professional coaching services at zero or little cost, you have every reason to try out their services.